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  • This page is your schedule manager, support material repository, lesson history log, and audio/video reference library all rolled into one. This post explains how to use your student page, so please read it all the way through.

    Sidebar Widgets

    Schedule at a Glance
    This is how you'll mind and manage your schedule.

    Your Files
    This is where you'll find special support materials.

    Lesson History
    This is how you'll navigate back to past lesson posts.

    Regular Lesson Posts

    Every lesson will be recorded and uploaded here to your page. The audio player lives just below the title of the post.

    If time allows then I'll provide a succinct synopsis of your lesson and include reminders for anything pressing or out of the ordinary.

    If our work involves us delving into deep focus on a song then I will embed YouTube video of the most relevant version for easy reference.

    Whiteboard Screencaps
    If I use the digital whiteboard to during your lesson then I will take screencaps and embed them into your post.

    If time allows then I'll provide a thorough breakdown of your homework assignments.

    Video Lesson Posts

    Your Videos to Me
    Your videos will be uploaded to your page as a post entitled "Your Video to Me" and will appear on your page dated one day prior to your regular lesson day. Any written comments included in your email will be copied and pasted into the notes section of that post.

    My Videos to You
    My video will be uploaded to your page as a post entitled "My Video to You" and will appear on your page at your regular lesson time.

    Questions & Comments

    Clicking the title of any post zooms you in to that particular post and reveals a comment field just below that post. The comment fields are there for you to ask questions, leave comments, and convey any other sort of information relative to a particular post. The commenting system is super handy and super easy to use, but you do have to be registered with Disqus to be able to use it. Here's what you need to do:

    Register with Disqus.
    Click here. Once finished, close that page and come back to this one.

    Click on the lesson title above to zoom in on just this one lesson.
    Then scroll to the bottom of the post to find the comment field.

    Click the gear icon and follow the prompts to log in.
    If everything works then you're ready to go!

    Terms of Service Agreement

    You'll find a two page TOS agreement below this post. The first page details all of my policies in clear and simple language. The second page requires you to confirm that you've read those policies, understand those policies, and agree to be bound by those policies.

    This form must be completed before I agree to take you on as a student. If you choose to not be bound by my policies then I will not be able to take you on as a student.