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  • This is your virtual notebook, support material repository, AV reference library, and schedule manager - all rolled into one. This first post explains how to use your page, so please read it all the way through.

    Sidebar Widgets

    Schedule at a Glance
    This is how you mind and manage your schedule. 

    Files Section
    This is where I'll post additional/special support material.

    Song List
    This is how we'll mind your progress and keep you prepared for reviews.

    Regular Lessons

    Every lesson will be recorded, uploaded, and posted here to your page. The audio player lives just below the title of the post.

    I'll provide a succinct synopsis of each lesson, a brief breakdown of your homework assignment, and reminders for anything out of the ordinary.

    I'll also provide reference material like embedded YouTube videos and whiteboard notes from your lesson. If we used it in class, it'll be in your post.

    Video Lessons

    I don't reschedule lessons nor do I prorate, but I do offer video lessons to provide some scheduling flexibility. If you know you're going to miss an upcoming lesson, then you can choose to switch that lesson to a video lesson so long as you give me at least one week’s notice.

    Read the Video Lessons section of my policies page to learn more about the steps you need to take to switch a regular lesson to a video lesson.

    Posting Feedback

    Comment fields appear below each lesson post. Click the title of the post, and its comment field will appear. Here's how to make sure you're ready and able to use it:

    Register with Disqus.
    Click here. Once finished, close that page and come back to this one.

    Click on the lesson title above to zoom in on just this one lesson.
    Then scroll to the bottom of the post to find the comment field.

    Click the gear icon and follow the prompts to log in.
    That's it. You're ready to go!


    It's super important that you read through my policies page. It's got some good information on how I handle scheduling, payment, and punctuality. If you choose to sign up for regular lessons then I will assume that you have read and accepted my policies. 

    Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms

    Please copy, paste, and post the following into the comment field below:

    I understand how to use my page and I accept your scheduling and payment policies.