You are in charge of your schedule.
Your personal lesson schedule sits right at the top of your page. I am responsible for making sure that it's accurate. You are responsible for making sure that you always alert me, in a clear and timely manner, to any and all necessary changes.

How you'd like to have your lessons is up to you.
I'll always be prepared to give you a lesson at your scheduled lesson time. If you know in advance that you won't be able to make it to a regular lesson then you can choose either to skip that lesson or switch it to a custom video lesson.

I do not reschedule or prorate guitar lessons.
My schedule is too packed for me to be able to reliably offer rescheduling and prorating makes my income far too unpredictable. Both result in my having to spend more time managing my business and less time preparing your lessons.


I charge a single flat fee for a month’s worth of lessons.
Your monthly payment ensures that your time slot remains yours and guarantees you four lessons each month.

Your lessons are paid for in advance.
Lesson fees process automatically at 10am on the 21st of every month. These fees pay for the month that's about to begin, not the month you're already in.

I do not refund or prorate lesson fees.
So if you need to pause or cancel your lessons, it's very much in your best interest to let me know sooner rather than later. I will credit you for any lessons you've paid for but are unable to make, and those credits are good for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Video Lessons

Video lessons can't be a last-minute thing. Advance notice is required to switch a regular lesson to a custom video lesson. Also, video lessons are a two-way street. To get a video from me, I need a video from you, and your video must be in my inbox by no later than 10 a.m. on the Monday of the week in which you're expecting the video lesson. Here's what do:

Make me a video.
Show me where you’re at and ask me anything you feel you need to ask.

Email your video to me.
I'll post it to your page so we'll have it for reference.

Wait for your video from me.
It'll appear at your regularly scheduled lesson time.


If you think you're going to be late, let me know.
If you're more than ten minutes late and I haven't heard from you, then I'll count it as a no-show.

There are no automatic make-ups for no-shows.
I'll work with you to book a make-up lesson if you like, but you'll be charged for it.

If you're having an emergency, don't worry about me.
Take care of yourself. I'll contact you if I don't hear from you and we'll take it from there.