My Method

My approach to working with one student may differ wildly from how I might work with another, but I've found the following three simple statements to be damned near universal:

Fundamentals are key.

I show you how to play the songs that you love and use those as a framework to teach you the tricks and techniques that separate the average players from the greats. You'll be amazed by how much is really happening inside so many seemingly simple songs. 

Listening is everything.

Rhythm, strumming, and chords are all key, but the one skill that rules them all is also the most basic. If you can hear it - really hear it - then you're already halfway there.

Everyone is different.

No two people learn in exactly the same way. I suss out your innate talents and hidden skills, whatever they may be, and play to those strengths to stretch you toward your goals.

My Support

Learning to play the guitar is serious fun, but it also takes serious work - the lion's share of which happens outside of class when you're working on your own. This is where even the most well-meaning folks can falter, because the fact that dedication and discipline are oh-so-important doesn't keep them from feeling like four-letter words. I don't believe it has to be this way, nor do I believe that my job as your teacher stops when you walk out my door.

That's why I record every lesson I teach and then post that audio, along with lesson notes, homework reminders, and more, to private, password-protected pages right here on this this website. Every one of my students gets one. Click here to see how they work.

My Space

It's cozy, well-lit, quiet, and comfortable. The chair and stand nearest the camera are for you. You'll find a glass of water waiting for you upon arrival. Tea, hot or iced, is always available too, and I keep outlets and iPhone chargers handy in case you need to top up during class.

My Pledge to You

I will always be prepared both for you and your lesson, and I will always do my utmost to ensure that your experience of learning to play the guitar is rewarding, engaging, fulfilling, and fun.