Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Simon Kuran

Coding & Design

This project would never have gotten past the planning stages without you. Your coding ingenuity, creative flexibility, diligent work ethic, and great sense of humor got me through many a long night of tweaks and edits.

Adena Chung

Coding & Design

Your input saved my ass right there at the end. Thank you for all that you did to help me finish pulling this site together just as I was about to come unglued.

Amitié Eckard-Lee


Who else has genius niece who teaches English writing and storytelling? Thank you so much for helping me sort out the FAQ page. It was absolutely awful (terrible! horrible! wretched!) before you stepped in.

Johan Nordholm


Thank you for going to such great lengths to get me the images I needed for the new logo. Working with you has always been a pleasure! I very much look forward to the next time.

Dave Wirth


I stumbled across your website years ago when I was just starting to take teaching seriously. I would not be doing this for a living now were it not for you. The School of Feedback Guitar serves as a shining example of how a guitar teacher should run their business, and your approach to teaching helped shape mine in ways for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you.

This website was a labor of love

Its breadth is exceeded only by the depth of my commitment to never again spend my time making money to make time to make music. Life is short. Whatever it is that lights you up inside, do it. Do it now, and do the hell out of it. Never stop, and never look back.