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  • macOS Sierra: UA Thunderbolt Driver Fix

    If you upgraded to macOS Sierra w/out first making sure that UA had released compatible driver updates (they haven't), then you (like me) have likely been bummed ever since.

    But if you (like me) have a UA Thunderbolt device*, then you're in luck! Here's the fix:


    1. Disconnect/power down your UA device
      Both work just as well.
    2. Download UAs 'UAD-Mac-v874.pkg' driver
      Then drag it to your desktop so it'll be within easy reach when you need it.
    3. Boot your Mac into Recovery Mode
      Make sure your volume's all the way up. Then reboot. Hold down the Command + R keys simultaneously soon as you hear the chime.
    4. Go into Terminal
      When the “OS X Utilities” screen appears, pull down the ‘Utilities’ menu at the top of the screen and choose “Terminal”.
    5. Disable csrutil**
      Type the following command into the Terminal and then hit return: csrutil disable; reboot
    6. Install The UA driver you downloaded earlier
      Go through the reinstall process 'UAD-Mac-v874.pkg' file. The installer will tell you that you need to reboot to finish the driver install process. Let that reboot happen. The driver is now (re)installed.
    7. Boot back into Recovery Mode
      Reboot, then press and hold Command + R right after you hear the chime.
    8. Go back into Terminal
      Type the following command into the Terminal and then hit return: csrutil enable; reboot


    Reconnect/power up your device. All should work as it did before. Enjoy! :)

    * This only works with Thunderbolt devices, and the connections must be 100% Thunderbolt too (no adapters).

    **After you hit enter, you may or may not see a message telling you that the "System Integrity Protection has been disabled and the Mac needs to restart for changes to take effect". I didn't. Others did. Either way your Mac will automatically reboot.