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  • But for the birds

    Every so often I find my concentration broken by birds. It's happened most while I've been working on this website, as I have been every day now for more weeks on end than I care to count. Rewarding work for sure (or at least I trust it will be in the end), but the process isn't often much fun. I wasn't built to sit in one place and stare at a screen for this long. How all of you out there with office jobs can tolerate anything even close to this on a daily and potentially never-ending basis is absolutely beyond me.

    I might've given up long ago were it not for the birds.

    I'm not a big fan of birds in general, if I'm honest: I find it really difficult to relate to them emotionally. The cries of these particular birds, however, always make me smile; because these particular birds are seagulls, which reminds me that I live less than ten blocks away from the ocean and that my desk is a lovely old wooden table and my office a big, wooden balcony with wide, green leaves for walls and a ceiling of bright blue sky.

    "Why do you need to live in California?" my folks sometimes ask me. Why live all the way out here when it's so far away from where I grew up and where almost all of my immediate family still suffers lives?

    This is why